Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hello everyone

My name is Katka, I am from Slovakia, I live in England since 2004. Sorry, if my Enlish isn't perfect.

I love crafts (crochet, knit, dressmaking, macrame, papermache..)

Mostly, I make crochet toys - amigurumi.
Amigurumi is the Japanese craft of making stuffed crochet or knit toys.

I opened facebook account at the end of September 2011.
I was really surpriced how many lovely pages are there.
My facebook page is: katkas creations - you can see more creations of mine there...

I would love to show people that no matter how old they are, crocheting is not only for grandmothers.. 
Really, it is quite easy, just try it !!!

I learnt to knit and crochet when I was about 8 to 10 years old. My grandmother showed me bacis.
When I was at school, I was knitting jumpers (without patterns) for myself, sewing dresses, shirts, trousers, even made one underlined skirt suit.
For few years, mostly I was crocheting doilies and crochet angels for Christmas tree..
I knew people were knitting toys, but never know people were making crochet toys...

About 8 years back, I saw first ami ever in our Slovak magazine, it was little Easter bunny, there was written pattern, but also picture pattern (used in German magazines to make doilies). So I tried picture pattern to make bunny, I couldn't do anything from written pattern before.
It was really hard, I used embroidery cotton, I made one bunny, I said to myself  "no more"...
I tried it and that was enough for me. I went back to making crochet angels, doilies.. 
I had a very hard & busy job, I did all the accounts for a big company, making doilies made me more relaxed.
2007, I saw big crochet ami doll in magazine. But I couldn't follow English written pattern. So I made my first crochet doll. I made my first dolls from crochet yarn - there are quite small.

I didn't write down my pattern, so I tried again and I made even smaller dolls (see picture below).


Autumn 2010, I made lovely square crochet blanket for my 2nd baby boy. I didn't have any pattern, so I just design it as I was making it. I was afraid how it would turn out, but it is quite lovely. I kept my notes, so I made the same blanket for my mum, because she saw it... (see picture below)
January 2011 - I made bigger crochet dolls, I used the same pattern, but made dolls from wool (see picture below).
November 2011 - I made pink tiny bunny from English written pattern. 
Pattern was from: Stephanie - All About Ami.  
Hooray, made my first amigurumi from written pattern... (see picture below).
I will share my patterns soon. I will type and post them here.
Bye for now, Katka


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I think we could have fun on here ;-) I love all the pictures in this post! Look forward to seeing how this develops...

  2. Hi Katka! I just gave you the Liebster Blog award. This is like a networking award meant to bring some new members to bloggers with less than 200 members. You were one of five I've chosen. I too was given the award by another blogger. Check out my newest blog post for the details.
    Have a great day!

    1. Will you give me the instructions for how to make the small Dragon you made for your son? I have made the bigger Dragon from amiguri to go

    2. Will you give me the instructions for how to make the small Dragon you made for your son? I have made the bigger Dragon from amiguri to go